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25-28 November 2002

Each year many conferences in the area of Information Technology (IT) are organised, however, in many ways, ICITA is unique. It has provided a platform for academics in all IT areas to meet, exchange ideas, establish and extend professional networks. It is important that IT professionals stretch across narrowly defined subject areas and constantly acquire a global technical and social perspective. ICITA 2002 has offered such an opportunity to facilitate cross-disciplinary and social gatherings.

All papers submitted to this conference have been full-paper peer reviewed.

The conference papers were divided into the following themes:
Theme 1: IT in Telecommunication and Mobile Communications
Theme 2: IT in Multimedia; Computer Networking; and Database Interface
Theme 3: E-commerce
Theme 4: IT in game technology; Project Management & QA in Software Development
Theme 5: IT in Engineering: AI, Signal/Image Processing; Power & Power Electronics; Sensors
Theme 6: IT in Remote Sensing, GIS, Instrumentation and Biomedical Engineering
Theme 7: IT in Education, Open Learning and IT Management
Theme 10: IT in the Humanities
Theme 11: Engineering Applications of IT - CAD/CAM, CAE, CIM, CNC
Theme 14: Web Content Generation, Usage and Management
Theme 17: IT in Natural Language Processing
Theme 18: IT in Health Care
Theme 21: Security and Hacking

 Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1:  Professor Trevor Cole
University of Sydney

Keynote 2: Professor T. S. Ng
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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 ICITA 2002 Sponsors

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Charles Sturt University, Australia
Department of State and Regional Development, Australia
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