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 Message from Conference Chair

After 18 months of preparation and hard work on the part of the organising committee, the First International Conference on IT and Applications (ICITA 2002) is finally underway. On behalf of the Organising Committee, I welcome all of you to Bathurst, a city which offers peace, tranquillity, and a five star natural environment.

The purpose of ICITA is to provide a platform for academics and engineers in all IT areas to meet, exchange ideas, and establish professional networks. It is a forum to focus on specific disciplinary research, as well as on multi-disciplinary studies. Personally, I believe that in order to achieve the recognition we deserve, IT professionals and academics have to go beyond narrowly defined subject areas and constantly acquire a global technical and social perspective. The uniqueness of ICITA 2002 is that it crosses narrowly defined subject areas and gathers researchers from not only technical areas, but also from social science areas.

ICITA 2002 has attracted people from all over the world. We received more than 200 technical submissions, and over 153 of these have been selected for presentation by delegates from over 20 countries. As a result, ICITA 2002 provides an opportunity for people to meet their peers from over 100 universities, research organizations and IT companies worldwide.

To ensure the quality of technical sessions editors of many prestigious journals and experts in different technical areas have been invited to be members of the International Advisory Committee. Without their contributions, this conference would not be possible. I would also like to thank all members of the Organising Committee who have worked tirelessly to make this conference a success.

During the conference breaks, I hope conference delegates will enjoy the city and take the opportunity to experience a unique blend of modern regional city living and old country charm. As was mentioned earlier in the call for papers, it may remind conference delegates what life is really about.

Finally, I would like to wish you success in your technical presentations and social networking.

David Tien
General Chair
ICITA 2002


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