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Message from the President of 
Heilongjiang University 

Dear conf delegates, professors, management, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

We appreciate the opportunity to welcome our distinguished guests at the beginning of the New Year. First, on behalf of the Heilongjinag University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and IEEE NSW and Beijing Chapter, I warmly welcome the delegates from 16 countries and regions!

Fourteen months ago, the inaugural ICITA was successfully held in Australia and this paved the way for this yearís meeting. Conf like these transcend east and west and both time and space, and provide us with a blue print for the development of information technology academic activities. 

IT is the most active and broad knowledge area which covers all areas of social and economical activity. In todayís world the level of IT development has become a key indicator for a countryís social and economical development. 

Without exaggeration, during the long history of human development it is only with the creation of the IT that the development of civilization has entered the fast lane. IT can be seen as a river carrying new knowledge and development and a source of energy which inspires new waves of creativity, exploration and scientific advancement. 

Social and economical needs have given ICITA life and strength. During the preparation for this conference, we have experienced the turbulence of the SARS epidemic and the conference organizers would like to thank the delegates for showing your support during this crucial period. On behalf of the organizing bodies, I sincerely thank you for your support and we firmly believe, based on your continued support, that ICITA will go from strength to strength. 

We appreciate the founding principle and operating mechanism of the conference which is to transcend boundaries and benefit people working in all IT areas. While publishing research results and theories from advanced economies, ICITA provides the opportunity to demonstrate the efforts and achievements of developing countries. ICITA not only promotes and broadcasts developments in IT but also provides a platform for cross-disciplinary scientific exploration and research.

We appreciate the opportunity to organize ICITA because it provides us with an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from the international community as well as providing us with a chance to practice sailing in the vast ocean of IT technology. Now, please allow me to give you a brief introduction to Heilongjiang University:
As a university which is open to all, Heilongjiang University has developed from a foreign language school some 60 years ago into a modern university of 23,000 students. The university consists of over 20 institutes in the areas of media, history, philosophy, economical, law, Russian, east and west languages, art, science, EE, chemistry, computer, software, IT, education, agriculture, life science and international education. The university offers 64 undergraduate degrees in more than ten disciplinary areas such as ..It operates one of the three Russian training centers set up by Russian government. The university has 2 postdoc exchange centers and 1 postdoc working unit. There are 5 subject areas which offer Ph.ds and 54 which offer Masterís degrees. It also owns a sugar product improvement centre, which is one of the 12 key agriculture improvement centers. It operates the only Tian Cai QA center, as well as a technology show case for the Heilongjiang branch of the Science Academy. 

In recent years, HU has paid great attention to the IT development and established computing and software institutes, centers for IT, and IT networks to serve modern education. The university has established office automation, and an intranet which offers a combined IT and network education systems. The university and several companies jointly own several IT companies. The development of campus networks has played an import role in educational management, further educational change and improvement of teaching quality. The quality assessment of 35 universities conducted by the Bureau of Education, HU has confirmed the quality of the universityís undergraduate education.

A successfully organized academic international conference such as this has marked a mile stone for us and, as a major city in the North East China, we hope the beautiful city of Harbin will leave a long lasting impression. As an old industry base, traditional production has occupied a great portion of industry in Heilongjiang. During the revitalization and restructuring process ITís value and advances will be further recognized. It will play a key role in supporting the development of the environment and traditional technology. I would like to invite you to participate in our academic exchange programme and to contribute to the development of the Heilongjiang province 
As the President of the HU and organizing body, I invite all of you to attend tonightís welcome dinner to further our communication and friendship.

Last but not least, I would like to wish you all luck and hope the conference will be a great success. 

Professor Yi Junqing 
Heilongjiang University
Harbin, China




Message from the  Conference Chair


On behalf of Heilongjiang University and the Organizing Committee, I welcome all of you to the Second International Conference on IT and Applications (ICITA 2004).

The purpose of ICITA is to provide a platform for academics and engineers in all IT areas to meet, exchange ideas, and establish professional networks. It is a forum to focus on specific disciplinary research, as well as on multi-disciplinary studies. The uniqueness of ICITA is that it crosses narrowly defined subject areas and gathers researchers from not only technical areas, but also from social science areas.

Although our early aim was to hold a small meeting of 30 delegates, we are inundated with many high quality submissions and had to close the deadline very early. ICITA 2004 has attracted more than 150 technical submissions, and over 83 of these have been selected for presentation by delegates from over 12 countries. I would like to thank the experts in different technical areas for reviewing the large amount of papers.

Harbin is a city of just over a hundred years old and contributed greatly to the modern history by contributing to the collapse of the League of Nations and altered the outcome of modern history and the WWII. It is famous with its many European architectures, winter sports and Ice and Snow Festival. I hope conference delegates will enjoy the city and take the opportunity to experience this wonderful city and people living in Harbin.

Finally, I would like to wish you success in your technical presentations and social networking.

Professor Shi Guangfan
General Chair
ICITA 2004

Institute of Computer Science
Heilongjiang University 
74 Xuefu Road, Harbin
CHINA 150080
Email: icita@ieee.org
Tel:  +86 451 8660 9999
Fax: +86 451 8819 4899 

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