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 About Harbin

Harbin, China: Just over a hundred years ago in 1898, the city of Harbin erupted out of a tiny fishing village in the Northeast of China, formally known as Manchuria.

In the next 12 years, Harbin became a city with the largest foreign settlement (over 44,000) in China with modern architectures, which could only be found in Europe.

In the next 50 years, the events developed in Harbin have contributed to the collapse of the League of Nations and altered the outcome of modern history and the WWII with its vast oil reserve hidden, until early 1950s, from the competing world powers.

Although the international influence of Harbin has slipped into oblivious, the city still boasts its many European architectures as well as sparkling spectacles of ice-encrusted Russian buildings, winter sports and its famous Ice Lantern Festival, which fascinate many international visitors.