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Message from the President of 
Heilongjiang University 

Distinguished scholars,

On behalf of the hosts of the conference, Heilongjiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Australia’s NSW IEEE academic society, I’d like avail myself of this opportunity to extend my sincere congratulation and gratitude to the scholars presenting at conference and the writers contributing to this collection of essays. The growth of ICITA owns much to your profound knowledge and active participation.

At the opening ceremony of the 2nd ICITA conference, I stated clearly that today’s world was witnessing the most vigorous and the rapidest development in IT, which touches upon such realms as sci-tech, economy, culture, etc. So, there is no exaggeration to assert that the advent of IT age marks that civilization development swerves onto the “fast lane”. IT, if likened to a river, is of endless capacity, while IT-wise academic exchanges prove the “upper reach” of this river, aiming at innovation, discovery, mutual discussion and perspective study. Out of this motive, we all commit ourselves into this great trend and contribute to its development.

In the summer of 2002, the 1st ICITA was held in Australia, a move in response to the beckoning of the time, an attempt to blaze new trails. Like a seedling growing sturdily, ICITA is now ushering in its 4th global gathering and we are to host it in a thoroughgoing manner, drawing a blueprint of scientific exchanges and setting up an academic forum transcending the limits of time and space.

We hold in esteem ICITA conference mechanism, which is characterized by wholesomeness, public good, non-boundary and non-utilitarian purpose. By virtue of ICITA, we are exposed to the fruitful results and advanced mentalities of developed nations in the field of science and technology, manifesting the dauntlessly go-getting spirit of developing nations. We have every reason to believe that ICITA is bound to thrive and prosper under the care of all those concerned.

We deem it a great honor to host ICITA conference, which enables us to make more friends and provides access to the latest academic results. Besides, it paves the way for long-standing academic exchanges.

Openness distinguishes the schooling mentality of Heilongjiang University, which has now developed into a key comprehensive university with a whole spectrum of branches of learning such as philosophy, economics, law, humanities, history, education, sciences, engineering, agriculture and management, covering 10 disciplines and 74 undergraduate programs, boasting 30,000 full-time undergraduates and 1,500 international students, 15 disciplines authorized to confer PhD, and 112 disciplines to confer master’s degree. Keeping abreast with the reform and opening-up of the state, Heilongjiang University has gone through the great historical transition, a fact that convincingly bears out what Academician Zhou Ji, Minister of Chinese Ministry of Education, has affirmed: “It is remarkable for Heilongjiang University to seize opportunities, gather momentum in its development and take on an entirely new look.”

Rapid growth features today’s China, and in this context, Heilongjiang University constantly exerts herself to become stronger, never daring to slacken of even in the slightest. In recent years, the university management attaches great importance to promoting engineering disciplines, giving scope to the potential of interdisciplinary subjects and gathering momentum for their future development. Guided by this strategic decision, we sets great store by the fact that education is geared to the needs of the society and serves the purpose of economic construction. In this spirit, I’m earnestly open to suggestions from experts and scholars.

An old industrial base of China, Heilongjiang Province is known for its large share of traditional industries. To restructure the Northeastern old industrial bases, we are glad to see that IT is playing an active role in this undertaking, which, in turn, allows much room for IT development. We sincerely hope that the experts presenting will come up with new and better ways to this end.

We will endeavor to make the conference a great success, testifying to Harbin’s metropolitan status and Heilongjiang University’s open-schooling commitment. Heilongjiang University, Harbin and Heilongjiang Province are expecting the arrival of all the distinguished guests.

Wish you a happy and healthy stay in Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province!

Wish you taking delight in the ice and snow landscape of Harbin!



Prof. Yi Junqing (President of Heilongjiang University)
January 1st, 2007 

Message from the  Conference Chair

Dear Conference Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Heilongjiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the Organizing Committee, I welcome all of you to the Forth International Conference on IT and Applications (ICITA 2007).

Nowadays the information technology (IT) is playing a vital role in all areas of our everyday life: science, engineering, law, medicine, social science, education, government, agriculture, manufacturing, to just name a few. The purpose of ICITA is to provide a platform for academics and engineers in all areas to meet, exchange ideas, and establish professional networks. It is a forum to focus on specific disciplinary research, as well as on multi-disciplinary studies. The uniqueness of ICITA is that it crosses narrowly defined subject areas and gathers researchers from not only technical areas, but also from social science areas.

During the past 5 years, ICITA has grown from an IT technical conference into a global gathering of academics in all areas of life. This is the forth time that ICITA is running and we have, once again, received many high quality submissions. More than 150 technical papers will be presented delegates from over 11 countries and regions. I would like to thank the experts in different technical areas for reviewing the large amount of papers.

The hosting university, Heilongjiang University, has a history of 60 years and consists of over 20 institutes with 30,000 students in the areas of media, history, philosophy, economical, law, Russian, east and west languages, art, science, EE, chemistry, computer, software, IT, education, agriculture, life science and education. I would like to invite all conference delegates to have a look at the University and am looking forward to the opportunities for joint research and academic exchanges with your universities and organisations in the future.

Harbin is a city of just over a hundred years old and contributed greatly to the modern history by contributing to the collapse of the League of Nations and altered the outcome of modern history and the WWII. It is famous with its many European architectures, winter sports and Ice and Snow Festival. I hope conference delegates will enjoy the city and take the opportunity to experience this wonderful city, our university and people of Harbin.

Finally, I would like to wish you success in your technical presentations and social networking.

Professor Shi Guangfan
General Chair
ICITA 2007
School of Mechtronics Engineering
Heilongjiang University
74 Xuefu Road, Harbin
CHINA 150080
Email: shi@hlju.edu.cn
Tel:  + 86 451 8660 9999
Fax: + 86 451 8660 4499

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