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23 June 2008

24 June 2008

25 June 2008

26 June 2008


Opening Ceremony and Plenary Keynote Session
(Grand Ballroom)

WE01, WE02, WE03, WE04

TH01, TH02, TH03

Tea Break

TU01, TU02, TU03

WE05, WE06, WE07, WE08

TH04, TH05, TH06

Lunch Break
(Palm Court Terrace)

TU04, TU05, TU06

WE09, WE10, WE11

TH07, TH08, TH09

Tea Break

Conference Registration Desk Opens

TU07, TU08, TU09

WE12, WE13, WE14


Welcome Reception
(Palm Court Terrace)


At 1930
Conference Dinner
(Grand Ballroom)


Session Chairperson: David Tien, Charles Sturt University, Australia
TU01 : Information and Communication Systems I
Session Chairperson: Steven Woodhouse, NSW Lands, Australia
TU02 : Computer Vision and Image Processing I
Session Chairperson: Jaekyong Jeong, Chungnam National University, Korea
TU03 : Computer Human Interaction I
Session Chairperson: Tomohiro Hase, Ryukoku University, Japan
TU04 : Information and Communication Systems II
Session Chairperson: Makoto J. Hirayama, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan
TU05 : Computer Vision and Image Processing II
Session Chairperson: Inkyung Lee, Kyonggi Institute of Technology, Korea
TU06 : Computer Human Interaction II
Session Chairperson: Hiroshi Nakajima, OMRON Corporation, Japan
TU07 : Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Methods
Session Chairperson: Roberto Legaspi, Osaka University, Japan
TU08 : Mobile Data Computing
Session Chairperson: Niko Kotilainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
TU09 : Information Technology in Management and Governance
Session Chairperson: David Tien, Charles Sturt University, Australia
WE01 : Information and Communication Systems III
Session Chairperson: Charles Watson, University of New England, Australia
WE02 : Information Technology in Business Administration
Session Chairperson: Chiu-Kuo Liang, Chung Hua University, Taiwan
WE03 : Information System Management I
Session Chairperson: Ryu Watanabe, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc., Japan
WE04 : Data Mining and Agents I
Session Chairperson: Graham S. Woods, James Cook University, Australia
WE05 : Computer Vision and Image Processing III
Session Chairperson: John R Rankin, La Trobe University, Australia
WE06 : Information System Management II
Session Chairperson: Willem Selen, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
WE07 : Data Mining and Agents II
Session Chairperson: Seungseok Kang, Seoul National University, Korea
WE08 : Simulation Methodology
Session Chairperson: K. Kruczynski, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany
WE09 : Visual and Information Processing
Session Chairperson: R. Mukundan, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
WE10 : Information System Management III
Session Chairperson: Rachna Dhand, Murdoch University, Australia
WE11 : Telecommunication Networks I
Session Chairperson: Koji Hashimoto, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan
WE12: Intelligent Computational Methods I
Session Chairperson: Nagayoshi Yamashita, Osaka University, Japan
WE13: Telecommunication Networks II
Session Chairperson: Douglas L. Maskell, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
WE14: Handheld and Firmware Engineering
Session Chairperson: Yung C. Liang, National University of Singapore, Singapore
TH01 : Distributed and Parallel Computing
Session Chairperson: Haruhiko Sato, Hokkaido University, Japan
TH02 : GIS and Remote Sensing
Session Chairperson: Kikuhito Kawasue, University of Miyazaki, Japan
TH03 : Intelligent Computational Methods II
Session Chairperson: Lee Jong Bae, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea
TH04 : Biomedical System and Bioinformatics I
Session Chairperson: Golam Sorwar, Southern Cross University, Australia
TH05 : Intelligent Computational Methods III
Session Chairperson: Myoung-Jo Jung, Chungnam National University, Korea
TH06 : Computer Vision and Image Processing IV
Session Chairperson: Hidetoshi Nonaka, Hokkaido University, Japan
TH07 : Biomedical System and Bioinformatics II
Session Chairperson: Hanh Le, University of Cape Town, South Africa
TH08 : Information Technology in Education
Session Chairperson: David Tien, Charles Sturt University, Australia
TH09 : Computer Vision and Image Processing V
Session Chairperson: H. Haron, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
TH10 : Biomedical System and Bioinformatics III
Session Chairperson: Jules-Raymond Tapamo, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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